You can see all your Sharetank transactions by tapping the three dots (...) in the top-right corner of the Sharetank section of Z App to find the Sharetank menu.

Under Sharetank activity, you'll see where, when and who redeemed Sharetank litres.

Under Sharetank top-ups, you'll see all the pre-purchase transactions used to top-up your Sharetank balance.

Why can't I see Sharetank redemptions in the Transactions section under my account?

Z App only shows dollar-based transactions in the Transactions section under my account. Any top-ups you've made to your Sharetank account will show here, as it's money that's been spent. Sharetank redemptions don't show here, as it's not a dollar-based transaction, rather a litre-based transaction. If you've joined somebody else's Sharetank, you won't see their top-ups here, as it's not money that you've spent on your app.

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