You can choose to earn either Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars™ with every Sharetank purchase. And as they’re earned as soon as you top up, you don’t need to wait until Sharetank litres are used. 

What are the Fly Buys points and Airpoints Dollars™ earn rates? 

  • Fly Buys: Earn 1 Fly Buys point for every 20 litres purchased through Sharetank.

  • Airpoints™: Earn 1 Airpoints Dollars for every 100 litres purchased through Sharetank.

How do I link my Fly Buys or Airpoints™ card with Z App and Sharetank?
Already have your Airpoints or Fly Buys cards loaded in Z App? Sweet—just select which you want to use on the 'Checkout' screen under Rewards. 

Don’t have your card loaded? 

  1. Tap 'More' in the bottom tab

  2. Tap the first option 'My account'

  3. Tap 'Loyalty cards' in the menu

  4. Add your desired loyalty card to be saved in Z App

  5. Once you are on the 'Checkout' screen for Sharetank, just select which you want under Rewards. 

How will I see loyalty points earned with Sharetank?
You can see how many rewards you’ve earned on each transaction by looking at each transaction in the 'Sharetank top ups' section in the Sharetank menu. If you haven’t earned any points, nothing will show. 

Bonus rewards
Be sure to check the Z App often to see if bonus rewards are available when topping up.

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