Searching for fuel 

  1. Inside Z App, tap the Sharetank Icon at the bottom 

  2. 2. Tap the ‘Top-up’ button 

  3. Sharetank will search for the lowest Z pump price within a 30km radius. If there is no Z within the 30km radius, Sharetank will find the next closest Z pump price.

  4. Move the top-up slider to adjust your fuel volume. You can buy up to 1,000 litres of your preferred fuel in one purchase. 

Pre-buying fuel 

If you like the price you see and wish to pre-buy fuel at that price, simply:   

  1. Tap 'Checkout' 

  2. Double-check the fuel type and the amount purchased 

  3. Choose your payment method if you've added a credit or debit card to Z App previously. If you need help adding a payment method, click here.

  4. Select either Fly Buys Points or Airpoints Dollars™ for instant rewards if you've added the cards previously. If you need help adding them, click here.

  5. Tap the ‘Pay now’ button 

  6. If successful, your litres will have been added to your Sharetank instantly.

  7. On completion of your purchase, we’ll send a GST receipt to your email 

A few more things...

Need further help or have feedback? Please let us know in the chat icon on the bottom right.  

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