The price of fuel across NZ goes up and down over time. Sharetank puts you in control and allows you to pre-buy fuel when the price is right for you rather than when your fuel tank is empty.

When you go to fill up your vehicle and pay using your Sharetank balance, if the price at the pump that day is higher than your weighted average Sharetank price, we calculate your savings versus what you would have paid. 

If the pump price on the day is lower than your weighted average Sharetank price, you can save your Sharetank litres for another day and pay with another payment method such as cash, credit and/or debit.  If you have other discounts that you might be eligible for (e.g. Pumped discounts or supermarket discount vouchers) then you will need to decide whether you want to use those discounts rather than your Sharetank balance. 

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