Perhaps you have driving-age kids. Or you run a small business with multiple vehicles to refuel. Or you organise the transport for your local rugby team. Or you just need price assurance on fuel. Sharetank is smart enough and flexible enough to accommodate all these scenarios and more.  

On a budget? 

You’ll always have control over the price of fuel. When the price Is right for you, top-up your Sharetank and use when you need it. Getting our lowest local Z pump price and earning rewards on your spend has never been easier.

Run a small business? 

Sharetank is an easy and flexible way to manage fuel spend. As the owner, you can control the price at which you buy and grant access to up to 5 employees. Unlike traditional fuel card programmes, there is no credit check, there are no fees or other hidden expenses. 

Want to help family, friends or flatmates? 

Pre-buy fuel when the price when the price is right for you and share the benefits with whoever you like. However you share your pre-bought fuel balance, it's super easy to stay on top of your account in real time with a clear dashboard that shows fuel levels, savings, the lot. And you’ll always receive a GST receipt every time you top-up your Sharetank. 

If you are unsure if Sharetank would work for you, give us a shout by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

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