With the ability to share your Sharetank balance with up to 5 people at a time, no matter where they live in NZ, the possibilities for sharing and using are endless: 

  • Bring the family home for Xmas 

  • Give your parents or grandparents greater independence 

  • Help your driving-age child get to and from work or at Uni 

  • Extend car use to house guests 

  • Share the balance out with flatmates 

  • Help friends out when things are tight 

  • Gift a road trip to friends or family 

If you are a small business, Sharetank is an easy and flexible way to manage fuel spend.

You can make up to eight changes to the people that you share access to your Sharetank balance within a rolling 12-month period. If you no longer want someone to access your balance, you can remove their access with a single tap. 

Learn more about how to share here.

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