If you're a Sharetank owner and also use Fastlane, you can select Sharetank as your preferred payment method. Your other method of payment is used as a back-up if the pump price on the day is cheaper than the price you paid for your Sharetank balance. You can change this default setting under Fastlane settings if you want to always pay with Sharetank.  

Please note: right now you need at least 15L in your Sharetank to use it at Fastlane. If you have less than 15L, Fastlane will always use your backup payment method. 

How do I add a member of my Sharetank to Fastlane? 

If you want a member of your Sharetank on Fastlane, simply go to the Fastlane section on Z App. Tap 'add another vehicle', enter the car registration number and fuel type, and ensure the default payment method is set to 'Sharetank'.  

If you’re a Sharetank member, click here. 

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