How do you calculate my savings?

Your fuel savings vary with each Sharetank redemption. Every time litres are removed from your Sharetank balance, we take your weighted average Sharetank price (WASP) and compare to the pump price (the non-discounted price on the price-board) at the time when you redeem. 

  • If your Sharetank price (WASP)  is cheaper than the non-discounted pump price when you redeem, you will see how much you saved on that transaction when it is successful.

  • Don't worry if the fuel price is cheaper than your WASP at the pump on the day your fill up your car—we'll let you decide if you want to still use your Sharetank balance or pay another way.  

How do you calculate the weighted average Sharetank price (WASP)? 

Every time litres are added to your Sharetank balance, we take the price you paid on that day, plus the value of the pre-paid litres already in your Sharetank. As you buy litres at different price points, we work out the weighted average price of fuel you paid on that fuel grade. 

Here's an example of how we calculate your WASP:

  1. You start off with an empty balance for ZX95 Premium Unleaded in your Sharetank 

  2. You then top-up 100L at $2.00 per litre. Your weighted average Sharetank price is $2.00.  

  3. You then redeem 50L of that balance. Your weighted average Sharetank price remains at $2.00 for the remaining 50L. 

  4. You then top-up another 100L of ZX95 Premium Unleaded at $1.90 per litre. 

  5. Now you have 50L in your balance that you paid $2.00 per litre for plus 100L in your balance that you paid $1.90 per litre for. Therefore, your weighted average Sharetank price for ZX95 now sits at $1.933.  

  6. You can see that it's not the average price you paid (which would be $1.95 in this instance), rather the weighted average price you paid, as there are more litres purchased at the lower price, than the higher price.

  7. Note: If you received free fuel in one of our many promotions, it’s weighted at $0.00 per litre and reduces your weighted average price to increase your overall fuel savings. 

Where will I see my savings? 

You can view real-time fuel savings in the Sharetank activity menu.

  1. Open Z App 

  2. 2. Tap on Sharetank in the bottom menu 

  3. Tap on the three dots (***) in the top-right corner 

  4. Tap on 'Sharetank activity' in the menu

  5. See total litres redeemed and total savings over time or savings per redemption.

  6. Note: to view your savings in real-time you'll need to be connected to the Internet

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